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In the facility of Monte San Savino, Fonte Santafiora Spa bottles and distributes the three water Santafiora, Perla and Fonte de' Medici, the last one is dedicated to high quality market. The facility develops in an area of about 200 ha, of which 22.000mq covered. Thanks to the high technological level of the bottling lines and to the dedication, the company can offer to consumers precious guarantees: high quality standards and a constant commitment in both terms of research and innovation.

Since the sixties, the company is living a constant process of growth and innovation. In particular in the last years, it considerably developed its capacity with a consequent important increase of the sales both on the international market and the Italian market. Santafiora Group always spends particular attention to quality control. Blowing and bottling are realized in absolute sterility assuring the preservation of all organoleptics water's properties.



The facility

The company develops its production in three bottling lines, one dedicated to glass and two for PET able to produce a total of more than 60.000 bottles per hour. The tecnology used are of the last generation and they allow bottle waters of quality with a low energy consumtion.

Internal procedures expect a constant supervision at every step of the product, included chemical and bacteriological tests which constantly assure water's integrity, healthiness and purity. Even after bottling, the product is carefully followed until consumers' tables through an efficient logistic project of traceability (SSCC), which assures the highest safety and punctuality also in transport and delivery. The 80% of the production is placed in the big distribution market, while the remaining 20% to the traditional consumers.

Fonte Santafiora Spa works everyday to offer to consumers all over the world unique and precious waters, as their origin.

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